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[07 Mar 2013|09:13pm]
I wish I could just cut off my hand or something to make my best friend come back . This world seems so fucking different without now . She'd be happy right now ... <3 kupo
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[26 Feb 2013|08:41pm]
It sucked so bad when I woke up to Lua crying around 7:30 this morning and I didn't feel or see Michelle. I looked around and didn't even know where the fuck I was at . We had our routines . I took care of Lua all through the night and she would wake up with her around 8 when Lua woke up. Just the fact that she was gone and I was in a different room. I hate the feeling . Only reason I got sleep was obviously due to alcohol and xanax . I am not going to fuck up though .I got better. We both got better. Not going to do the abuse to myself that I used to . Not fair for Lua . At least she left me with some meaning to life .. Otherwise my arms would already be scabbed up from shooting up and who knows where I would end up . I was already tested today and I did the right thing and took Lua for a stroll .I Miss you too much Michelle . But I'm going to do that right thing for you and Lua . Every place I walked or or drove by. I couldn't stop thinking about us walking in the exact same spot for specific reasons. But we always managed to make it there and got what we need and what we had to have . Even walked by where the mexicans jumped me but you stil stayed with me instead of running off . There's just too much to say or type on here . We been through soo much. And once we finally got settled , something like this had to happen . It seems nobody in the sky was watching out for us. We were watching out for each other . There's no way our energy and souls will not connect again . Love you always .
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[26 Feb 2013|06:02pm]

We had so many secrets we never told anybody. And they never will be told now . I'll seen you soon my love . <3
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[25 Feb 2013|07:38am]
I will always love yo Michelle. Rest in Peace my yellow bird . <3 So sorry you went so young. You were the only one for em .
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the following [18 Feb 2013|09:56pm]
Stayed with Michelle most of the day. She moved to a new room and is doing much better . Can shower and all that normal human being sort of stuff . The nurse even gave her a random roxxy tonight . Makes me jelly but she deserves it .
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[16 Feb 2013|08:18pm]
Michelle is doing much better today . Hopefully she stays well with the medication so she can leave soon .
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Lua Marie Martin 2 months 1 week old [15 Feb 2013|10:54pm]
2 861377_10151298618042883_601287444_o

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[15 Feb 2013|10:43pm]
My Michelle had to go back to the Hospital again. Been in ICU . Things went so bad that she actually passed away for a tiny while . Luckily she got shocked back to life . She's been through so much shit it's insane. So, many crazy tubes and other wild things conected and injected in her body . But she's been damn strong. If she was an older person she would have been gone weeks ago . Sedated with some strong stuff. At least they been giving her some blues and fentanyl drips . Anyways. I hope everything ends up on the good side. Crazy feeling when you been told you wife and mother of daughter was not going to make it . But she is doing much better and this time she will finally get medicine to help her so she doesn't have to just depend on pacemaker all the time .

Crazy couple months as always. It always goes good,weird then bad . Other than this medical shit. We've been swell and life has been well .

Oh, Lua had a little poopy stomach bug which made her have some fun watery explosive poop for a week. But she's better now and more awesome as ever ,
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[27 Jan 2013|12:32pm]
Oh, other crazy shit has been going on but this is all for now. The baby will do .
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Lua Marie Martin 12-3-12 [27 Jan 2013|12:30pm]
Yup. Had a purdy baby girl . Life's been hectic .


Sorry for not using LJ-Cut . Just figured nobody on my list uses this anymore. <3
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[20 Sep 2012|05:18pm]
Having a baby girl around Dec 18th ! All is well for now . Veins are cleaner than usual .<3
to a better place too . Much bigger and nicer and less Mexicans etc .

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[17 Jan 2012|02:41pm]
Our dog has been alright. She's getting much better. Just needs to learn to poop and pee outside . And we must dodge the landlords for now . Dyed my hair black last night . It's been ages since I have done anything to my hair . Feels good man .
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The birth of Pika [14 Jan 2012|09:10pm]
We're getting a new puppy tomorrow . So excited !!
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[09 Jan 2012|02:32pm]
We walked to a new library we haven't been to. So, I got a nice library card . But I haven't seen a DVD section here . Sad . I want a series to watch .
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[08 Jan 2012|05:08pm]
Ah . We had some stressful days . Money can be quite lame . But we made our way through it somehow . So , all is well <3 . yesterday was odd though . RIP Bupe .
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Marley and adventures [05 Jan 2012|05:10pm]
Had a fun action packed few days with my step daughter Marley . Now she is back home and I miss her already !!

Oh , and Monkey Joes was fun. It's no Chucky Cheese but it's a fun time and worth the money . tehe
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[31 Dec 2011|08:34pm]
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[31 Dec 2011|07:47pm]
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[31 Dec 2011|07:43pm]
December 31st 2011

It's been ages since I have posted here . I miss LJ . I think I shall return or make a new account . Facebook is getting lame . This and tumblr etc can fulfill my needs.

Anyways , life has been crazy . Living in many different places from Charlotte to meth lab dirty houses . Back in Orlando now. We are finally settled in our OWN apartment now after a long ride . Michelle and I just completed our 1 year anniversary . It's been a wild ride and we're still %100 in love and have a cute love life together . We still laugh and did the things when we first met . Tonight later on we will visit the staircase where we ended up kissing last new years . It's a tradition.

Christmas went well . I stayed with her family mostly and we partied hard Marley ( my step daughter ) .

Way less dope/pills going on now. Pretty much over that bullshit and sickness . Trying to go back to normal living which we have been doing well at lately. Especially since we have our own place again and feel so much more comfortable . We been decorating it slowly . We just need to afford internets there so we don't have to go to ho sots for it . I need to start watching some new movies and get a lot of new music . I feel like I have missed out on a lot of it .

Overall . Life has been getting much better the past couple months . And I'm glad Michelle and I are still going strong ( especially after all the shit we been through ) .

2012 should be a different year . In a good way , that is . Hope everyone is doing well . Not sure if anyone on my list uses this anymore. but holllla.

See you again soon LJ . I will start using you again often . ^_^

Also , free starbucks food is lovely .
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[24 May 2011|07:27pm]
Come at me BRO !!


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